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Emergency 663 690 690


  1. Service order. In case of data loss, or any drive problem or other data carrier, please contact with our specialist by calling (0-22) 533-11-55, or 24h emergency phone 663 690 690 for consulting further steps.
  2. Fill the service order form. Before delivering the drive, please fill the form, which will include data loss circumstances.

    download the form

    This will speed up the analysis and data recovery process.
  3. The data carrier should be delivered to our office personally or by the courier. Please, remember about good packaging – this will protect the data carrier from further damages.
  4. Right after receiving the data carrier we will start the analysis process and inform you about effects just after finishing. We will agree terms of recovery service and service price.
  5. After acceptation of the terms of service we will start the data recovery process. Next, we will copy the data to a data carrier selected by you and send it back to your address. Additionally, we will keep data copy on our servers for 14 days, after this period data will be permanently erased.
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