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Data erasing

kasowanie It is obvious that valuable data in wrong hands can be dangerous.

Remembering about need of protection of personal data stored on electronic data carriers we are offering permanent data erasing service. www.degausser.pl

Data erasing based on operating system, leads only to changing a small part of data structure saved on disk, and because of this most of the data stays untouched - it is possible to recover the data using commercial data recovery software, and of course in data recovery companies. In order to permanently remove data, professional equipment or software should be used.

Professional data erasing is performed by manipulating data stored on the disk in a way which makes reconstruction impossible. Thanks to our experience in data recovery we are able to effectively erase data and making the recovery impossible.

Situations in which data erasing is recommended:

ico Drive failure
ico Handing over the equipment to another user
ico Data carrier liquidation and handing it to utilization

We offer three types of data erasing/deleting:

ico Software erasing
ico Hardware erasing
ico Physical drive utilization

usserSoftware data erasing is based on overwriting information which have to be erased. It is not possible to recover overwritten data. Degausser - Data erasing. Software data erasing is possible when the data carrier is operational and working. Software data erasing does not damage the data carrier and it can be still used.

When the data carrier is damaged, data can be erased with hardware method or physical utilization. Using a demagnetizer is the most effective method. Erasing process is done by direct influence of strong electromagnetic field, what erases any information saved on the medium and makes recovery impossible. It is impossible to recover the data in any data recovery laboratory.

Data carriers can be also utilized, what causes complete physical destruction of a data carrier. Data erasing is confirmed by special certificate.

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