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PCB Rental

Fulfilling your expectations, as a part of our data recovery services, we started HDD PCB rental service. This will allow homemade and fast data recovery, in cases when the customer is sure that only the PCB is damaged. Additional asset of this service is a good price, which is much lower than data recovery performed by our specialists.

We built huge base of hard drives, and PCBs. Our HDD base is constantly growing through buying new drives. We have a lot of unique drives, unavailable on the market and very difficult to buy on used parts market.

Before PCB rental, please read Rules of services provided by MiP Data Recovery. PCB ordering is equal to accepting those rules.

We are offering different types of partnership in PCB rental service:

Partnership agreement
- allows using rental service on preferential terms. Agreement exempts from deposits for PCB rentals.

Monthly fee agreement
- in exchange for monthly fee, you can rent a PCB for half the price stated in the price list. Monthly fee agreement exempts from deposits for PCB rentals.

If you are interested in partnership, we are happy to give you additional information.

PCB Rental:


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